Hollywood Spotlight helps you generate Ratings & Revenue with cutting edge content.

titlesHollywood Spotlight’s one-minute vignettes are uniquely designed for programming and sales featuring a highly produced .60-second behind-the-scenes look at the making of today’s most popular films with commentary from the stars. It’s NOT a commercial, but fits perfectly within the confines of your clock and is an ideal feature for a sponsor once you include opening and closing billboards. We’ve also provide additional commentary from the stars allowing you to produce custom segments with your talent (transcribed dialogue included).

Hollywood Spotlight produces and delivers One-Minute vignettes to over 1,000 radio stations across the country to showcase upcoming Films and DVD’s. Segments are uniquely packaged for Radio Stations offering multiple ways to tap into Studio assets to position your station as the market’s link to Hollywood. The Hollywood Minute is designed to satisfy the varying departmental needs within a radio station: Programming, Promotions, and Sales.